Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Prep Time

The countdown has begun for all of those who will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. If you are ready, congrats because you have beaten all the absent minded ones {that would be me!}. Here are a few things that years of making Thanksgiving dinner taught me {you can apply them to any event}.

I know it spunds redundant, but go through your recipes and one by one check that you have all your ingredients. Those that are still missing write them down and next to each one of them write down the place where you're going to find them, this will save you time in finding them at the supermarket.

Do the same with all your kitchen tools. One tool that proved worth its investment was the meat themometer, because it saved me a lot of guessing and helped me estimate the cooking time of the bird.

I don't remember a time when people arrived that I was not in the kitchen cooking and people joined me in there. For that reason, snacks a drinks are a must so those who arrive early to help can be well taken care of.

By now, your table should be either ready or all your dishes should be sitting on top of it. For some reason setting up the table takes a lot of time, especially for those who like to make some special arrangements on it. Don't leave it for the last minute because this is the type of details that can drive you mad at the last minute.

Have a nice day!