Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fruit Cake

I don't remember a holiday season without the traditional fruit cake, especially because every single person in my family loves it way more than any other sweet. 

When I did the research found there are somany traditions a recipes around this simple cake. It is believed that the tradition came from England {maybe the 14th century} and made it all the way to the new world with the immigrants back in the 1800's.

Traditional cake recipes include some sort of spirit or the like. Traditional nothern cakes are made with Scotch or Brandy and it is included into the recipe for flavor purposes. In Latin America, you add rum which is added in small amounts to the cake until it is soaked and the cake has a thicker texture.

In countries like Japan and Philipinnes the cake is also part of the seasonal celebrations but have slight variations. They have fresh fruits instead of dried ones and they also add either rose or orange scented water along with the brandy or rum.

Havea  sweet day!