Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saint Lucia

Last year I discovered a beautiful tradition from Sweden that I promised to myself tell you all about it this year. Sain Lucia Day or Lucy is the official start of the Holiday season and it's the commemoration of the life of a girl of the same name.

The celebration is rooted in Catholic and Lutheran medieval traditions and some pagan as well. On December 13, a girl named Lucia was burned for her beliefs and became a celebration that revolved around the winter solstice.

It's pagan roots come from the folklore belief that goblins and evel powers came out to play around the winter solstice. People were especially careful to guard themselves from these creatures and held feasts because they didn't know their future.

Today's celebration has lived on and become something really to look at. The ceremony is presided by a girl dressed up in a white gown with a wreath decorated with candles on her head. They hold parades all over the country singing Lucia songs and Carols.

Of course there is food involved in this celebration and it's called Lussebulle or Lucia Bun, which is a safron infues bun decorated with raisins that goes perfectly with a warm drink {maybe mulled wine!} that makes you feel very Christmasy. If you live near a Lutheran Swedish Church or there's a Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or German community you might catch one f these celebrations.
Have a beautiful day!