Monday, December 17, 2012


Today's my nephew's birthday and he turns 6. He's a great kid with a big smile, big brown eyes and golden tanned skin. I saw him yesterday after a week of him being out of town and hugged him a little tighter as I was so happy to see him.

Like so many of you, I am heart broken from the evens from last week in Connecticut. Children are so precious and innocent that I cannot help but wonder what can be done to keep them safe from any harm.

In time of unbelievable violence it's innevitable for people to point the fingers at what we could've done to prevent such tragedy like this one and all of the ones that have happened before. Openness, honesty and true commitment from everyone are the ingredients missing from us solving what's really troubling society.

If any memebr of your family or friend has been affected by this tragedy, my heart goes out to them and hope they find consolation and peace. If anyone you know can make a difference, hope they can do smething to prevent another tragedy. And if just like me you are like me seeing this from the distance, keep hope alive that things will chenge for the better.

Have a great day!