Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bye First Month

As January comes to an end I want to stop and look at what the first month of 2013 has brought to me.

The end of an unhappy situation, time to be with myself, seeing again a smile so charming that make me certain of the future, listening to praise from my peers and colleagues, the search of something new, time with dear friends, retail therapy for the soul, and a Zen attitude that I will work on maintaining each and every day.

I enter the month of February {when we celebrate love in our lives} with optimism as I look into a new phase in my career, plan an exciting trip with the sis and hope to be a good girl at the gym!

I hope all of you do the same. Take some time to go over the events of the past 31 days and make an assessment of what's coming, what you want to accomplish in the short term and look into the next 28 days living each day with a smile on your faces... And please do transmit that to everyone else you encounter!

Have a lovely day and smile!