Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Style

Another thing I love about SoCal is the free spirited style and lifestyle of the people who live there. I got inspired to write this post when I was waiting for the red light to turn in Santa Monica when a cute guy passed in front of me on a skateboard, carrying a groceries bag from Whole Foods.

There is an easiness and laid back attitude that permeates everything there and makes you want to take it home with you. I learned to dress in layers, started wearing scarves and my Chucks when I lived there a few years ago, which are things I've kept as part of my personal style until today.

The free style is perceived everywhere, not just on what people wear. Everything there happens at a different pace than it does in the East Coast like people go out to brunch earlier, summer comes a little later, and the outdoors are enjoyed usually at a terrace over a healthy drink.

I have embraced and borrowed this philosophy and mentality this year, a Zen like attitude that is already paying off. Are you embracing or taking with you something from a place you love? 

Have a great day!