Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LA Love

I'm back from my amazing trip to LA and could not be happier of taking it. Many great things happened that I'm sure will change things in my life. I feel re-energized, motivated and optimistic about the future besides the fact that many people told me I look great, which is always a great bonus to everything else. I want to dedicate this post to the city that has brought many good things into my life and the reasons why I love it.

The weather... I love waking up in the morning to look outside at the beautiful blue sky, crisp air, golden sunlight and being able to wear light layers that make any outfit look great.

The food... Ingredients are fresh, abundant and as diverse as its many cuisine styles. This is one place where you can really say there is variety and you can find authentic Mexican as well as true Korean and one of my favorites, Persian. A true food enthusiast haven.

Hollywood moments... Can't deny I love seeing them but because celebrities behavior and those around them are quite entertaining. Men are shorter than you think and women are not as pretty as you see them in mags. My favorite sightings have been Al Pacino and Alan Rickman sitting next to me at breakfast.

The Beach... I know the water can be freezing but the vibe you get from the ocean, the sound of the waves and the surf culture is warm and inviting. 

Friends... I love spending time with them. They were my family when I lived there and today they are my family in LA. Hope this family continues to grow over time.

Have a great day and have some fun!