Thursday, January 17, 2013

In-Flight Entertainment

As I packed last night for my trip today, I made sure that I had with me my iPad charged, earphones and nothing else. This got me thinking because years ago I would've never left my house without a heavy stack of magazines, books and my computer.

My advice is that if you have electronics that allow you to see movies check digital rentals {especially movies of the week at a discount} that will keep you entertained and may save you money by renting movies from the airlines' own rental system.

Buy or bring a book you've been wanting to read for the longest time. All you need is one. Before you know it the place ride is over and you have already done something you wanted to do for a while.

Remember the snacks that will keep your tummy entertained and away from the awful plane food. Opt for stuff that keeps you satisfies but also healthy like granola bars and nuts, and stay away from sodas opting for water that keeps really keeps you hydrated during the flight.
Have fun and I'll see you tomorrow from the West Coast!