Monday, February 18, 2013

Meaning of Design

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and those of you in the US, hope you're enjoying the long weekend. Last week, we defined the different design disciplines with an emphasis on those that deal with our built environment {check it out HERE}. This week we are going to define what is design and why it is important.

Simply stated design is "a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of an object before it is built or made". You can also say that design is "the development of a strategic plan to achieve something". This means that all of us are designers in one way or the other, and that everything out there has been the product of this creative process.

Design must meet 3 criteria to be called a good design or to be of quality: functionality, which means if it fulfills the purpose it was created for; materiality, referring to the quality of the materials used to make it; and aesthetic value, this happens when the design is pleasing to the senses of the users it was created for. 

Nowadays, many designs don't meet all these criteria 100% as it is the case of website designs, because the have a materiality that depends of where the user is perceiving this design. Or maybe, the design is both functional and has aesthetic value but the quality of the materials is not durable like it is the case some clothing brands.

 Well designed products have a tremendous effect on our every day lives: it influences our shopping habits {nice stores vs. messy ones}, dictates what  we wear {blue vs. green in the summer}, decides what cars we buy {SUV's vs. hybrids}, makes us feel comfortable {chairs with arms vs. armless at our desks}, and many more... look around you and see that design makes you choose one thing over the other.

Have a great day and tell me what you see!