Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yesterdays post left me thinking of cold weather and fondue by the fireplace. Then, add to that all the collective love on everyone's blog these days covered in melted chocolate. So, for today I thought it was quite appropriate to talk about a dish that is always best served in the company of someone else... Fondue!

The dish was first promoted as the Swiss national dish in the 30's but it is actually a dish popular in the regions of the Alps shared by Switzerland, Italy and France. It is believed that the origins of the dish date back to the 1730's in France and documented in classic French cuisine books.

From this delicious dish two more versions were born: the famous chocolate fondue, quite popular amongst lovers, and the fondue bourguignonne {cooking meat in hot oil}. Fondue was very popular in the 60's but its popularity faded as people considered bad taste to share one dish with others. Just like everything else, this dish has become widely popular again as we have opened up to other cultures and people travel more to its place of origin.

Personally, I love it. Good taste or bad taste. I find there's something very friendly in gathering around a pot of food to talk and have a good time. If you are having a cheese fondue opt for a white wine that complements the flavors of the cheeses, or in the case of a meat one a red wine is always a good choice. If you are having a chocolate fondue, you can always go with wine or maybe another liqueur that enhances the chocolate experience or even a nice exotic tea.

Have a delicious day!