Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aesthetics Exploration

In order to learn how to identify the aesthetics of designed objects and environments, you have to embark on an exploration journey of everything that surrounds you. This journey is all about discovery, leaning and thinking.

Now that you know about the 3 criteria of design {check out previous posts of Design Punctuation} you can start discovering more about the world around you. You can evaluate if that environment and its element have a well defined function and if that purpose is fulfilled.

After that you can analyze the quality of the materials everything is made out of, if they are long lasting, or if they come from a good source {sustainability might be an interesting concept here}. These two criteria are more objective and easy to identify.

Finally, your exploration journey becomes subject to the emotions the environment and its elements make you feel... Excited, anxious, warm, cold, elegant, casual, and so on. My advice is next time you go out for coffee, dinner, lunch or maybe the spa, use all your senses and if your reaction is pleasure, most probably you are in full exploration of the designed environment.

Have a great week and explore endlessly!