Monday, March 18, 2013

Vernacular Design

Over the last few years we've moved from global world views to localized views of our environment. These trend has been felt in particular in the design world, from trends that everyone followed to trends that bring back and respect the vernacular.

Vernacular refers to domestic, indigenous or native, and in design is that one that is made by local or indigenous people who may have or have not had any formal training. Usually this type of design responds to the needs of the environment where the design originates from.

In places where rain is abundant, buildings were made with water proof materials and slanted in order to drain it more efficiently. In places where the climate is dry and temperatures high, buildings have thick walls for insulation from the outside heat and open spaces for air circulation.

Vernacular design is influenced not only by the climate but also by materials readily available like wool clothing in mountainous places, coconut shells for crafts in coastal locations, and natural stone used for sculptures in Europe.

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