Thursday, March 21, 2013

Miami Vernacular

I arrived yesterday to Miami and today I'm looking forward to see my friends to catch up on what's new with our lives. During my time living in this town I do have to say I enjoyed the original version but others made with tropical fruits and even ginger, which is quite tasty in an unexpected way.

I call them vernacular because there are few things more of typical of Miami as having a mojito at the beach. Historically, they were created in Cuba and made popular by Ernest Hemingway when he lived there and opened the famous bar La Bodeguita del Medio.

For those of you who do not drink, you can always take note of this drink and make what they called a Nojito, which is the non-alcoholic version of the drink. On the other hand, you can substitute rum for sake, Pisco or even vodka {mostly anything that is clear}.

If you make one of this and feel a little playful go ahead and experiment with the ingredients. You can use other herbs like basil, add fruits like strawberries whole or pureed, and go for decorations like sugar cane sticks.

Have a great and refreshing day!!!