Thursday, April 18, 2013

Buttery Goodness!

Few things are as good as a good cookie, especially when that cookie is shortbread. Everytime I see a receipe I save it and make it and learned that the best recipes always have a ratio of ingredients where there is more flour that butter to give it the perfect texture.

The ideal ratio is one part sugar {use 3/4 is using fine sugar}, 2 parts butter, and 3 parts flour. If you find recipes that have a similar ratio you can always modify it or make your own using this formula. You can add vanilla extract, maple syrup, cocoa pwder {1/2 parts}, any citrus zest and even a little bit of rose or orange flower water.

The cookie is typical of Scotland  and was born around the Middle Ages from bicuit bread and its double baking process. Today, it has become a symbol of the United Kingdom and has several cousins in other countries like Denmark, Ireland and Sweden. You can find a similar version in Mexico called Polvorones which are usually made with pecans and covered with fine sugar {see recipe above}.

My personal experience has taught me to work with very cool dough when cutting the cookies and then cooling them again on the baking sheet. This will prevent them from losing their shape while baking.

Have a sweet day!