Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hope and Love

Like many of you out there I'm appalled by the events in Boston on Monday. I saw the news late in the day, as I was driving from the city to the beach all afternoon and saw everything later when I arrived at my studio apartment. The images and sounds were heart breaking, and I couldn't help but think the words someone said to me last week: "Be nice to everyone you love... You don't know it might be the last time you see them".

I hope we don't have to see any more images of like these, I hope we all finally learn to love each other, I hope we all can be there for someone who's suffering, and I hope we can teach children violence is never the answer.

May you have a day filled with hope!


  1. It is a very sad time indeed.
    This is a truly beautiful post.

  2. Beautiful post, darling. So very well said.


  3. so tragic! i'm disgusted!

    beautiful post!


  4. It was just unbelievable. I simply cannot believe that someone would be so evil to want to hurt so many innocents and attack just the collective hope and strength of the event... it's beyond me. My thoughts are with all who lost someone or who were hurt in this crazy event.

  5. That just broke my heart–what an important sentiment.

  6. it has been a somber week. i am hoping for more love and peace to come from this.