Monday, April 15, 2013

Design Basics

Every Monday we have been talking about what makes design good and bad, what should we feel when we experiment it, and the many disciplines that compose the art of design. For the next few weeks we will study the many elements that make up a design or the basic components of it.

Just like a cooking recipe is composed of many ingredients that make up a dish; a designed product {or interior} is made up of many parts, concepts and components. 

A design project produces a finished "dish" which is intended to harmoniously bring together all the parts as if they were always they had never been apart. Lines, shapes, textures, lighting and many others are a designers tools to bring a design concept into completion.

Come back next Monday to check out what a design basic is and where to find it! Also, this week I'll be working hard on my little beach studio so hope you stop by to check it out.

Have a fantastic week!