Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Don't Forget Earth

I cannot believe yesterday I forgot to talk all about Earth Day!!! Buy I guess just like love, Earth day should be every day. The company I'm working for right now has amazed me completely because they are deeply committed to out planet and to educate people about it.

One of our biggest challenges is not about us getting on with the program. It's about getting the skeptics on with it, but there should be not skeptics about treating our only home right.

We have a limited amount of resources we need to take care of. There's just so much water for 7 billion of us walking this place... so it makes no sense on wasting it. There are only so many trees giving us oxygen and shade... so it makes sense to plant more and be more sensible on which ones we cut.

When possible recycle, use biodegradable products, turn off the lights, plant native plants, car pool, take public transportation, donate to charity, volunteer, and do anything you can to make this place a better one... every little bit helps and educates others!

Have a beautiful day in this place!