Monday, April 22, 2013

Points and Dots

When you talk about the basics of design you always begin with the basic elements of any design. The smallest of them all is the point. It is the beginning and the end of anything.

All elements of design start in a point and end with it. It has no volume, length or width. It has no geometry. Even though it lacks all these characteristics when you put many points together you end up with other design elements, patterns of even textures.

Points in a design can make it dynamic or static, colorful or monochromatic, you can create shapes or textures either visual or tactile. The point is one of the most versatile of all design elements.

The point is the perfect element to get anyone started in design as it is the only element that you can have a lot or very little of and always do it right. Use it in different colors or just in one and most of all have fun with them!

Have a fun day!