Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Expensive Spice

Few flavors compare to that one given by the one of the most expensive spices in the world... Saffron. This spice comes from the styles and stigmas of a type of crocus that grows in certain regions of Spain, Italy, Greece, Kashmir and Iran where the weather is more arid with rainy springs and very dry summers.

Saffron can be used in savory and sweet dishes ranging from rices dishes like risotto and paella to ice creams and puddings. It has so many uses because unlike other spices it has color, where in certain cuisines is used to give that bright yellow to dishes}; it has aroma, in hot dishes it is felt more strongly; and it has taste, which is one of its most important qualities.

When buying this precious spice look for well known brands that sell products like these as there are many low grade versions of the spice. Also, look for one that has not been on the shelves for long as it may have lost its smell and flavor.

When cooking with risotto the best thing is to make it one o the main ingredients of the dish. Pair it with vegetables or seafood to get the most of the flavor or use it on its own to enjoy the full experience. Also, it is said that this spice is a good aphrodisiac... ha!

Have a delicious day!