Monday, April 8, 2013

Technology and Design

As our world moves from the natural to the vernacular, we find ourselves in a world where technology is an integral part of the design process. Technology impacts everything we have designed {unlike nature} with the knowledge we have acquired to that end {contrary to vernacular}, as it is deeply driven by engineering and invention.

Technology and design merge in architecture, products, ships, bridges, and so many other utilitarian things behind them like the gear inside a clock with its coordinated movements to the arrangement of digital sequences.

Technology is influenced by nature in the way a car is designed to go faster by the way it diverts the wind, planes are designed to hold more passengers but still glide through the sky smoothly, and cruise ships can be floating buildings that transport thousands of people across the sea.

In the case of all of these creations, aesthetics are not the first things on the designer's mind... it is actually performance. Aesthetics are a by products of the function, they are the second part of the creative process.

Have a great day!