Thursday, April 4, 2013

Natural Frabrics

Nature brings us not just incredible food and inspiration on our daily lives but also provides us with amazing materials to use. Such is the case of fabrics made with natural yarns like cotton or linen which are vegetable ones, or wool which is animal based.

Natural fibers are sustainable and have been made for centuries. Cotton and linen fabrics have been found in excavations at ancient sites in Egypt and the Middle East, where cotton and flax were grown by ancient cultures.

Natural fibers are great for dyeing as they take them really well because they absorb the pigments unlike synthetic fibers that cannot be dyed. Natural fibers are also very resistant but can shrink like it is the case of wool and cotton if you're not careful.

Just like your food, if you are buying clothes made with natural fibers check the label that details the contents of the fabric used to make the item. And if you're buying organic clothes, ask if the yarn was bleached at some point because that sort of defeats the purpose of being organic {learned that one buying bath linen!}.

Have a great day!