Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nature and Food

You would think nature and food is a redundant concept but not so much these days. With so much food available to us, it is very important to make sure what we're eating comes from natural sources and it's not loaded with preservatives and chemicals.

When buying your food, check out the ingredients and if you find on the list something you cannot spell or read it might not be good for you. The same goes for anything processed or artificial, because food has gone through a process of changing its chemical composition or has been created at a lab {like some ice creams made with artificial flavors}.

What we eat goes into our whole system, and when we eat something that is not natural it affects our body's ability to break it down and dispose of it. It is believed that women pass on to their babies all these harmful elements in food when their pregnant or during lactation.

Make sure to enjoy fresh foods, especially those of you who live in places where what you eat is dictated by the change of seasons.

Have a great day!