Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flat Lands

One of the most visited parts of Argentina is La Pampa, which covers almost 300,000 square miles {or 750,000 km2} vast uninterrupted lands and extends into Uruguay and Brazil.

This area is know for its fertile soil which makes it ideal for agriculture, wineries and cattle farmers. The famous Gaucho {or the regional version of the cowboy} comes from this region and is part of the national and regional identity of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The name Pampa comes from the indigenous language of Quechua meaning "flat surface". The dry zone of La Pampa is mostly barren and dry with streams and sandy deserts. The humid area comprises part of the province of Buenos Aires and it's the economic engine of Argentina.

The main cities in these region are Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Cordoba. The weather is mild most of the year and rains sporadically throughout the year. The best times of the year for travel are end and beginning of the year during the warmer months.

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