Thursday, May 9, 2013

Suspended Shapes

I have been a bad designer the past few weeks as my little studio on the beach looks nothing like I have been wanting it to look like. Since I arrived here, I've been collecting twigs and other things to make a nice long wall mobile... but work and life have gotten in the way.

I have this loooong wall and the building doesn't let me put nails on the walls, so what I want to do is put double sided tape hooks and create a really long mobile on the wall.

The challenge has been to narrow down the things I want to hang on the wall and the more I think about it the longer its taking me... Unfortunately, the organic nature of the project is out the window already!

So, to make a long story short... I'll take a few days or mental break from the project, cool down and resume next week. I will take the tried and true design advice of stop thinking about it so I can retake it with a fresh perspective. What do you think? I guess this is a nice little conundrum to have... ha!

Have an easy day!