Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flavored Drinks

As you know I'm a tea drinker, especially when it comes to green tea. As much as I like the pure taste of tea, I also like it when it's mixed with herbs or fruit juices.

Currently, I'm hooked on lemongrass flavored green tea which is super easy to make. The short way to make it is by brewing a green tea {or regular tea} bag with another one of lemongrass. Another way to make it is by using fresh lemongrass, where you boil the stalks in water and when they have released all the flavors, add the green tea. If possible, use honey to sweeten it, as it goes great with these flavors.

Ginger is another great addition as it has plenty of medicinal properties. When using ginger start with small amounts of the grated root as you add it to your brewing tea. A great tip is to put it inside a tea brewing ball or basket along with the leaves, that way they release the flavors together.

Spices are what make your chai tea so tasty and delicious. Have fun with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise and many others to add that special touch to your drink. When making spice tea you can either prepare the different tea flavors together {use the same regular or green tea as a base} or each one separately and combine them little by little until you achieve the perfect flavor combination.

Have a great day and a delicious cup of tea!