Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eating on the Road

I'm sure those of you enjoying summer these days are planning a road trip or two over the next few months, or you may be like me and need to travel by car {or plane} quite often. One thing that can make or break your trip is the food you get to eat while in transit.

Find foods that are easy to grab and bite size, as they will distract you the least if you're driving or are great to pass around if you're traveling with other people. Nuts, bread sticks and trail mixes are perfect examples of easy to eat foods you can bring with you.

Opt for healthy snacks that give you energy and don't have artificial ingredients. If you're like me and like to travel first thing in the morning, find alternatives similar to your everyday breakfast {or lunch or dinner} like granola bars, home brewed tea, and some chopped fruit.

If you're snacking on something that has spices, salt or sugar {in moderation!} remember to bring a packet of wipes, as they are easy to take out and disposable. It's very useful to bring a cooler where you can store your fruits, veggies or drinks, and a bag for trash so you car pick up everything when you arrive at your destination.

Have a great day and enjoy the ride!