Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not Just a Lamp

The project I'm consulting for at the Westin Resort has been fun but not without challenges. As part of my design series, I'd like to talk today about the importance of weather in design and the huge impact it has on projects.

You see, tropical weather I believe is one of the most difficult types you can work with, especially if you're by the sea. Humidity, salt water, rays of the sun, lush vegetation and wildlife determine the types of materials and style you have to go for.

As an example, I have to talk about these lamps I've looked for days {many days!} as they have to meet many aesthetic and functional requirements. The things to consider have been: height to bring light to the space at night, volume but not mass as they cannot obstruct the view of the ocean, resort looking to go with the existing decor and resist the changes from dry weather during summer into damp during the winter.

I haven't found THE lamps yet but have a few choices that fill the requirements, but it goes without saying that it has been a great reminder that you have to experience an environment in different times of the year... especially if your project is open to the outdoors. Our weather has a great influence on what we design if its' cloudy or sunny, rainy or dry, desert or forest, beach or city location it certainly makes a big difference.

Have an enlightening day!