Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Design as a Business

I have been a designer for more a while now {time flies when you have fun!} and each and every time a project comes along I'm amazed about the intricacies of this business. Being in an arts related field is not easy as putting a price tag on your creative time is difficult.

As fun as being a designer is long hours and hard work are require to see projects get done. My philosophy is always to find the common ground between me and the parties involved in a project, because we all have our own agenda... the owner wants pretty and inexpensive, the contractor wants to be done ASAP, the designer wants a nice project to add to the portfolio, etc.

 We all tackle a design project at some point in our lives no matter if you are a designer or not. Keep in mind and never lose track of your goal, it might change direction but it should remain constant with a few improvements.

Avoid falling in love with ideas, instead keep an open mind of the possibilities as there might be a more appealing solution for you than what you originally thought of. Pride has destroyed many projects and has driven them to financial debacle.

Finally, make sure you learn something from the process... Today's lesson can translate into tomorrow's success.

Have a lovely day!