Wednesday, July 31, 2013


For days I've been feeling like indulging on a delicious piece of cake with a creamy, soft and sweet layer of frosting. The word itself makes me daydream and cannot help but anticipate for the weekend to come for me to finally satisfy the craving.

This delicious part of our baked goods was born as a glaze used in the 1600's and evolved into what we know today in the 1800's. Since many people have written multiple recipes on how to make it ranging from the well know buttercream frosting to royal icing and ganache.

When you make a cake you have to be very careful about the perfect balance between cake and frosting, because too little or too much of one of them can ruin the whole experience.

I heard once someone say that in her country {won't say which country} they don't eat frosting, but I have to say i have a hard time believing it. Whatever your preference is, you have to admit it is the perfect companion to any desert!

Have a sweet day!