Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh July!

Another month is here. For many of you the best of summer is coming and for others the weather is getting cozier. As we enter a new month it's always good to make a quick stop and see how much fun we had the previous one, what worked out and what didn't, and what we can do to make things better going forward.

The thing I like about summer is the idea of lazy days swinging on a hammock having a cold drink or maybe having a hot chocolate by the fire on a cold winter afternoon.

In my case as I'm more in the middle between the north and the south days as a bit longer, the rainy season just started so afternoon showers are always in the forecast, and the sun comes out to plays from behind the clods from time to time.

No matter what the weather brings you, a new month is great to make a new start, to change a few of those bad habits, to extend great experiences and to strengthen bonds with our loved ones!

Have a great July!!!