Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spanish Rice

Over the weekend I went out to have dinner with my parents at a very well known paella restaurant. I have not had one in a long time and thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering how much I like this dish.

This dish very characteristic of Spanish cuisine is the pride and joy of the city of Valencia. located on the east coast of Spain. The Paella Valenciana {the one originated in Valencia} is made with white rice, vegetables and a type of meat either chicken, rabbit or duck.

Paellas are made in a especial pan called paellera which is a shallow round pan made with stainless steel and two handles. The secret to get paellas done right is the pick the right ingredients like the rice {a short grain rice similar to the one used in risotto} and saffron to give it that special taste.

If you are having a big party at home, find a great place near you that makes paellas, they are the best dish to have at a party because they are conversation starters, taste great, and there will be plenty for all your guests.

Have a tasty day!