Monday, July 22, 2013

Golden Concept

As we start to wrap up the many concepts that encompass the design process, there is a very very important one that deserve a post all of its own. It is the Golden Section or Ratio.

The golden ratio is a mathematical constant that represents the relationship or ratio of one quantity and another one which is given a value of 1.6180339887. This ratio is found in everything and anything in nature like the nautilus shells, the buds of new ferns and even our own bodies.

As humans evolved and studied the surrounding nature, they found these relationships that could replicate in everything they designed from buildings to artifacts.

Many theorists, mathematicians, architects and artists {look for Fibonacci, Da Vinci, Euclid, Parthenon architecture, etc.} have talked about the importance of this concept in design. It is usually referred as the perfect proportion between two measurements in order to achieve perfect balance.

Once you learn how to set an photograph, image or any other design from the golden ratio perspective you'll find it everywhere and find how useful it is {all images were taken by me on trips to inspiring cities}.

Have a lovely day!

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