Monday, July 15, 2013

The Other Milk

I have always loved coconuts... the soft texture and taste of it makes me dream of vacations spent on a hammock enjoying the sunset. You can certainly imagine the proliferation in its use and the added benefits make me even happier to consume it.

On a trip to Los Angeles I discovered ice cream made with coconut milk, which believe it or not, I had never tried and loved it. The rich creamy texture and the subtle coconut taste appealed extremely to my sweet tooth.

It has a high content of a type saturated fat but the good news is that it's stored in the body as a source of energy {so you better go out and burn it!}. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. It has also high contents of Vitamins E and C which help on promoting a beautiful looking hair and skin.

Use it for a variety of beauty treatments like hair conditioner, soaking bath or as a spray for sunburns. For convenience you can buy it canned but you can also make it at home using shredded coconut, water and a little patience {Recipe}. I recommend using it in moderation but most certainly I recommend that you enjoy it!

Have a lovely day!