Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Air

Yesterday I saw an amazing project of a friend of mine in the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire and was mesmerized by the beauty of this island surrounded by crystalline turquoise waters.

The island is part of the group called ABC islands composed by Aruba and Curacao. This place is considered to be a scuba diving and snorkelers heaven as there are coral reefs easily available from the shore.

The weather is pretty consistent year long with an average temperature of 87F or 28C and 12 hours of sun daily because of its close location near the Equator. It has a rich culture influenced by African rhythms and modern trends that converge in its food and music.

The island make homage to its name of "good air" as it is considered the most sustainable in the Caribbean, because they have taken important measures to reduce their carbon footprint and become 100% carbon neutral... It's not just a tropical paradise but it's also great for our mind, body and environment!

Have a dreamy day!