Thursday, August 8, 2013

Being Born

First... I want to start the day wishing my wonderful mother a Happy Birthday... She is the most inspiring person I've ever met and wish I could be there to enjoy the day with her.

My best friend just got back from a summer Europe trip where he visited many places but one of the one I love the most seeing was Barcelona, because it reminded me when I was there having tapas at El Born.

This neighborhood or "barrio" was built in medieval times and today is one of the most fashionable and hip places in the city filled with great restaurants and bars. Back in the 16th century this was the place where the victims of the Inquisition were excuted and was occupied by king Carlos V in 1714.

One of the best things about El Born is getting to visit the Picasso museum which is filled with early works of the artist counting with over 4,000 works of art. The museum reflects the relationship he had with the city that started as a child and lasted his whole life.

Walking around this barrio you can enjoy the medieval architecture rising up to the sky and stroll down Calle Montcada or Paseig de Born. You can visit the gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar or walk to the Born Market down the narrow 14th century streets.

One of the best things about this barrio is that is just a 10 minute walk from the beach and very close from Parc Citadella, where you can go to get a nice walk in the park. I loved the style of this place, the lifestyle of those who live there and how picturesque it is... If you are nearby, stop by and enjoy!

Have a lovely day!