Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I've always liked peaches because they're juicy, sweet and have that delicious crisp sound when you bite into them. As I bite into one of them while I write this post, I cannot help but wonder how little I have used them as ingredients on my dishes.

These delicious fruit originates from China but its name refers to Persia which is how it was transplanted to Europe by Alexander the Great. They are the exact same fruit as the nectarine and what makes them different is just a gene.

Throughout the ages peaches have been symbolic of good health and vitality. In China, they are believes to be the strongest because their blossoms appear before their leaves. Koreans like peaches because they believe its a happy fruit as well as one that is honorable and brings longevity.

They are loaded with vitamin C and potassium as well as have a fragrant aroma. If you buy them fresh look for firmness, bright colored skins and look out for any bruises. For those of you who like the canned types, look for brands that have the least amount of preservatives and check out the sugar content.

Last but not least, the color derived from the fruit is a sign of summer, tenderness, has religious connotations to some Asian cultures and in the Art Deco era it was the color used in luxurious environments.

Have a peachy day!