Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hey Honey!

Honey is one of those good things that have been around for ever. I usually mix it with my morning yougurt to get that sweetness going early in the day.

Its believed that honey has been part of our diet for over 8,000 years and has been used for cooking, beauty treatments and even preservation of artifacts.

Honey moisturizing and the perfect ingredient of exfoliants. It is believed that Cleopatra would take honey baths to keep her skin moisturized and beautiful. Use it in face masks together or alone, for your hair with coconut or olive oil, and on burns by itself to relieve the burning sensation.

No doubt honey is great on your food. Its distinctive taste and high content of sugar make it idea for baking, beverages and even salty foods. You can use it as a substitute for maple syrup on your pancakes, as a glaze for your salmon mixed with a little mustard, and mix it with a fruit juice over low heat to make a delicious sauce for your ice cream.

Have a sweet day!