Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hieroglyphs and Pyramids

One of the very first civilizations that contributed to our world of art were the Egyptians. They created some of the most spectacular works of art from the pyramids to the sacred tombs to magnificent jewelry.

Egypt developed along the Nile river as it was its main source of supplies and communication with other regions. Along its Delta many cities developed and flourished in art. scince and religion.

Their culture was deeply linked to their religion and the many gods theiy worshiped. Also, they had a strong belief in life after death which made them pay special attention to the way they burried they kings. Expeditions into Egypt have found everyday artifacts inside king's tombs that include models of their homes, wigs, jewelry and even food inside beautifully decorated vessels.

No doubt the best representation of their culture are their hieroglyphs and decorations on the walls that tell the stroy of what they believed in and they way they lived. Through them we've been able to know thier codes of law, what to expect in the after life, the social order, and the mastery of their design skills. Have you ever been there? I haven't but certainly I would love to see everhitng in person one day!

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  1. I'm over the moon for the Egyptians...so so love learning about them!! I'd love to go to Egypt and see all the places. Super cool :)) xx