Friday, January 17, 2014

Good Behavior

Life as a designer is complicated as we have to deal with many divas and their temper tantrums. Last week I introduced you to my latest design project, a complex of restaurants at a beach resort in Costa Rica.

Despite the fact that I really enjoyed the design process, it also got me thinking a lot about work ethics and the commitments we assume when we provide other people with a service. On my side, my team was great as I always counted with the support of those assigned to help me installing and completing the project. In return, I made sure they got a nice holiday gift from me.

Unfortunately, not everyone took their job that seriously and repeatedly fell short of delivering what they had agreed on to doing. The worse part was being lied to my face putting at risk my prfessional credibility and prestige.

I believe in living up to other people's expectations or excel them. When  you have one chance of making or breaking it you cannot shoot yourself in the foot and eliminate the opportunities given to you. All too often I have come across these kinds of inconsiderate people that do not take their and my job seriously, causing all of those associated with the project much harm.

Dealing with unethical narcissists drives our stress level to the roof and lowers our productivity as we have to constantly be micro-managing them. My advice is to avoid them at all cost and apply the "Hurt me once shame on you" quote and let them hurt you twice. 

If for some reason you have to deal with the again, remember that the paper trail is your best weapon against them, penalize them for not performing as they firmly agreed with you, and  make sure your superiors/clients/partners are informed at all times of every situation. Protect yourself from other people's bad behavior!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Have a great weekend doll. I think when you work in a team, everyone has to pull their weight. I don't believe in ever living up to someone else's expectations no matter what it is, but when you work as a team - you work as a team and everyone should be expected to pull their weight and do their job to the best of their ability & if they need help or whatever, be professional enough to ask for it and talk it out with everyone else on the team. And being able to pick the team helps, as you can choose who the people are, but if you aren't able to pick the team, then have a leader of the team that has to make sure everyone is up to scratch and keep tabs on them to make sure the job is getting done. It's usually why I like to work alone, but in times when I can't...I work really hard to get my stuff done and make sure others are getting their stuff done. Have a great weekend doll xx

  2. It should be a given that everyone should behave professionally and meet expectations when working on a project but sadly there are always people who think they are above that. Sorry to hear you have to deal with this.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. What a nightmarish experience–hope you can unwind this weekend!

  4. I'm so sorry, that's the worst! I hope the next project is better!

  5. Aww, I am sorry to hear this experience was not all that it could be. Just keep working hard and you will be greatly rewarded.

    Hope everything else is making you super happy :)


  6. It's so hard when people don't pull their weight. But you obviously handled it the best!

  7. First of all, beautiful photos! Second, the space you designed is beautiful, despite having to work with a narcissist! Hope you're having a relaxing weekend.

  8. Ugh, sorry to hear you've been having a hard time. It's such a difficult situation to deal with, I hope you've resolved it okay and don't have to deal with them anymore. Gorgeous pics too!

  9. Wise advice, especially in our business! So many moving parts and when someone falls short it effects the whole project. I would love to hear more about your Costa Rica project, sounds fabulous!
    xxo Barbara

  10. Oh I hear you, I am a graphic designer, so I know of what you speak. Sorry to hear you had problems, but it sounds like you handled it very well.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC