Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spa Island

We all think of vacations on some Italian island where we go to relax, enjoy the scenery and some romantic beach where to see the sunset. Ischia {pronounced Es-kee-ah} is the most developed island in the Gulf of Naples on the Tyrrhenean Sea.

This volcanic island is blessed with an array of thermal spas, scenic beaches and great food {home to the famous rucolino}. It is referred as the "Green Island" because of its fertile soil that allows lush vegetation to grow year round. For these reason,  most tourist sites count with beautiful gardens, such as Villa La Mortella with its exotic plants.

The island's fame for its therapeutic hot springs dates since ancient times. Since it is a volcanic island, you can find the springs not just at renowned spas, but also is small puddles at the numerous beaches or in small caves that serve as a type of sauna.

The island is so charming that it has been the perfect background for many movies including The Talented M. Ripley {I can remember Jude Law's tan on this one... ha!}. Also, its glamorous hotels have seen their fair share of celebrities including Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin and Maria Callas.

I'm pretty sure this island, which by the way is Capri's rival, has as much to offer as its neighbor with some health benefits added into the mix.

Have a relaxing day!


  1. So much color and life. Urgh, you make me want to travel the world so bad.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a dreamy destination!

  3. Looks nice with all that colour!! I'd love to go to Spain or Greece or anywhere hot just now, just for some sun!! I hope you have a great weekend xx