Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's been a hectic day today and the post is going online quite late today... I'm really sorry! Today I got to see the owner of the twin sister of the postcard below. It was pretty nostalgic because I had given it to him as a gift after a trip to Chicago along with a box of truffles from Vosges which were his favorite.

Renzo Piano's sketch of The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago

I rediscovered this postcard when I first posted about the "Postcard Event" (click HERE for more info) this month of September and got me thinking I haven't seen him in over 18 months since I move to Miami from LA. Coincidentally, I saw him today and such great memories came back to me of the fun times we spent together.

I hope he still has it with him and if he does... wish he has good memories when he sees it...

Hope you're having a great day and see you tomorrow!!!