Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sexy Old Hollywood

I loved this jewelry and accessories brand displays at the Limelight Marketplace. The whole Old  Hollywood vibe of the decor is vintage glamorous designed and styled by owners Tiffany Porter and Alex Shulhafer.

Clutch resting and hair accessories on vintage typewriter and suitcase

The pieces are displayed in glass cases hanging from the walls and glass tables all in vintage styles. Typewriters, dress forms, glass containers and books blend perfectly with the jewelry and accessories making it look more like a museum case that a retail space.

Sadly I didn't get to buy anything but fell in love with the wide selection of rings and necklaces especially those that had stones in their natural state or had feather pendants. Though I have to admit my favorites were the ones that looked like they were taken from Elizabeth Taylor's trailer when she was filming Cleopatra.

 Have a great middle of the week day and put on some sparkle today!

P.S. If you still don't know about the Postcard event this month please Click Here to learn more about it!