Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Shrine for Shoppers

Thanks to my friend Lili I discovered in NY the Limelight Marketplace. At first I thought it was a church typical of the Gothic style present everywhere in NY but my friend told me actually that it was a former club that was a church built in the late 1800's.

 Outside view of the marketplace and the same side showing the existing stained glass windows

Inside the building the created levels where you can find about 60 different retailers that go from bakery and sweets shops to jewelry and shoes all the way to housewares. The original architecture with vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows was preserved and restored into it's original state or given a new "identity".

 Interior views from the first and second floors

Views of rosette window and the tea room for Marie Belle chocolates

I loved the details all over the place that makes this place a new destination in my places to visit when in NY... but my advice is to take your time because there is a lot to do, a lot so see and a lot to experience in this sanctuary.

 Another view of the first floor and display at one of the corners of the building

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Have a great week (for those starting it today) and enjoy your day!!!