Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Design Punctuation

I want to introduce today a whole new feature on the blog called Design Punctuation. It is one of the new features I designed for the 2013 and has been in the works for a while. It's been born out of those who love the world of design but never lived it like those of us whose careers have been in it.

The main purposes of this blog are to be inspirational, educational {for you and me!} and entertaining, which has led me to come up with a way of talking about design in a way everyone can learn what it's all about and how designers see and feel it.

I look for this section to be a journey and exploration of the design world that will take us from principles and theories like harmony and color, to styles and periods like baroque and post-modern, to ways in which we all can incorporate a little bit of design into our lives.

Starting next Monday I invite you to stop by and see design from a different angle and perspective, from the inside out, one that will change the way you look at things around you.

Have a fun day!