Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Love

I was not sure about writing a post for today or just put up a picture and call it a day... but Monday while doing my blog reading routine I came across a project called Cartas de Amor by Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl. I was mesmerized at the love expressed in these notes and the stories behind them.

I confess I'm not a romantic and have never big on V-Day, but somehow this time I'm a little softer on the heart and have joined the collective love I've seen all over your blogs... Then I found on one of my Pinterest boards this quote from Love Actually {great movie for today!} and was sort of inspired myself.

I'd like to celebrate the love in my life... family, friends and those who come over to read my words and appreciate what I have to give. I celebrate those who have never given up on me, laughed when it was just too funny, or listened even when I was in my darkest hours without any judegement.

I celebrate those who are looking at the future with a positive attitude, contribute to make this place a better world, live passionately with no strings attached, and enjoy the pleasure of traveling and seeing the world.

Finally, cheers to those who found their other half, who are together for the right reasons, who can be silly with someone else, who have someone to hold their hand, and who enjoy the embrace of someone who just make their knees weak. May you keep that love alive, the spark burning and be like in the fairy tales... Happily ever after!

Happy Valentine's Day!